The Smith Family


02 9754 6311
2 Birmingham Ave

Location: (-33.879184, 150.984567)

Waste Types

Type Quantity Attributes Notes
Textiles, Clothing (User) kilograms, daily Transport: Pick-up, Drop-off
Current management: Landfill, Recycled, Reused elsewhere
Textiles, Clothing, Linen, Manchester, Shoes, Accessories. Contaminated items cannot be accepted or used. In bulk on pallets or in boxes or bags. We can arrange pick up or drop off between 7am and 3pm is possible. All products will be resold or recycled to generate funds for the Smith Family's Learning for Life Programs that help disadvantaged families break their cycle of disadvantage. Recycled clothing is used by the Smith Family to make underlay, sound proofing, insulation, weed matting, wiper, air, dust & water filters, office partitioning, ceiling tiles, wipes etc