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Waste Types

Type Quantity Attributes Notes
Paper (User) 15 kilograms, quarterly Condition: Unused surplus
Cardboard (Generator) 100 kilograms, quarterly Contamination: Plastic reinforcement, Plastic strapping
Remnants of sticky tape and plastic
Cardboard, Boxes (User) 100 kilograms, quarterly Condition: Unused surplus
Plastic, Bottles, containers (Generator) 10 kilograms, quarterly Contamination: Residues from previous contents
Cement grout remnants
Wood, Other (describe in "specifics") (User) 200 kilograms, quarterly Whole sheets Form Ply
Metal, Steel (Generator) 50 kilograms, quarterly Galvanised, Loose, Sharp
Metal, Copper, Scrap/off-cuts (Generator) 50 kilograms, quarterly Condition/contamination: General waste
Normally has plastic on outside
Metal, Aluminium (Generator) 100 kilograms, yearly Sharp, loose
Metal, Aluminium (User) 25 kilograms, quarterly
Pallets, Wood (Generator) 100 kilograms, quarterly State: Raw, Treated
Electrical equipment & e-waste, Batteries (Generator) 100 kilograms, yearly
Chemicals & liquids, Paints (Generator) 100 kilograms, quarterly State/contamination: Mixed with other chemicals
Construction & demolition, Concrete, Blocks (Generator) 2000 kilograms, yearly Current management: Reconditioned/refurbished in-house for use elsewhere
Loose, cement aggregate
Construction & demolition, Concrete, Crushed (User) 1000 kilograms, quarterly Contamination: None