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Any Shape Plastics produces banners, signs, make-up stands, and other plastic products. The waste generated from this activity includes between 4m3 (200-300 kg) and 8m3 (400-600 kg) of Perspex/acrylic per fortnight. This is sent to suppliers in China for recycling and reuse in other products. The company is also in negotiations with their suppliers to have stocks of Perspex/acrylic supplied with non-adhesive protective masking that can be recycled with other paper. This would save an estimated 3 tonnes of landill, 1.2 tonnnes of CO2 and more than $300 disposal costs per year. ASP’s company policy emphasises reducing materials and reusing as much as possible. Waste minimisation takes place through procurement policies, strict adherence to job specifications and good housekeeping. Policies and targets are communicated at weekly staff meetings. Close attention is paid to turnover and demand, to ensure stock is suitable, based on regular client needs. Clients whose needs cannot be met within this stock are referred to other providers. ASP also works with both clients and suppliers to minimise the potential for waste to be generated. Proactive negotiation with clients about the purpose served by the job has resulted in savings in materials and costs to clients.

Julian Fyfe

Any Shape Plastics produces banners, signs, make-up stands, and other plastic products. ASP recycles aluminium scrap with local scrap metal merchants who come and collect even small loads. ASP has recently increased their scope for waste recovery with the expansion of its premises, which allows it to hold waste materials for up to 6-8 weeks. The additional storage space also allows them to hold onto old aluminium sign frames for future reuse.

Julian Fyfe


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Waste Types

Type Quantity Attributes Notes
Paper, Other (describe in "specifics") (Generator) 3 m3, monthly Adhesive-backed paper
Cardboard (Generator) 12 m3, yearly
Plastic, Other items, Acrylic e.g. signs, display stands (Generator) 4 m3, weekly